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Vicki. Pretty evident, it's my name. I am a twenty-something year old, currently residing in the "New West" that is Calgary, Alberta in the lovely country of Canada. Recent post-secondary graduate with degrees in Education and French. I am an aficionado for all things photography, music, and fashion related. I hope that the content on this blog will give you more insight about myself, than several facts I can state about myself.

What is take care always? What does it mean?

I was born and mostly raised in good ol' Winnipeg, Manitoba. Throughout my childhood, I mostly heard people say "take care", as opposed to "later", "bye", "see ya". "Take care" has always been a standout phrase to me. In fact, ask anyone close to me, it's one of my most commonly used phrases. 

I have this idea. Where, photography and writing are united together to tell a story, explain a moment or describe a feeling, and leave people feeling not alone. This idea transformed into what I want to call:  take care always. Take Care Always, is about not only taking care of yourself, but taking care of others, always-- in all ways. With this project, I am collaborating with wonderful individuals who have something to say and also share this same idea.  A picture says a thousand words. Yes, but why not give those models, those people in the photos their own voice to say what they are feeling/have been feeling?

Let's put it out there already, I am not a professional photographer. I am just someone who wants to capture moods, feelings, sentiments, stories, with my lens. After each session, the people who have given me the honor to photograph them, will write a piece. Whether, it is a quote, a journal entry, a short story, or even a poem, I want people to give life to the photos. 

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