This was the second time I've visited Australia, and I was instantly reminded of why I fell in love with the country. It's constantly evolving and the energy over there is something that needs to be experienced. I am dividing this Australian photo series into different parts since I was both in Melbourne, Sydney, and everything else in between. 

Yarra Valley (Vineyard and Chocolaterie)

Hosier Lane - Melbourne

Trying to write less in these photo diaries, because I feel like I ramble too much. So I'm letting the photos speak for themselves. See y'all in part 2 of this Australia series. 

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Hello, hello.

Shout out to everyone that reached out to me about my Beijing photo diary, I loved hearing about your reactions and thoughts on my adventure :) Next up, is my photo diary for Hong Kong and Macau. I didn't get to really take much photos in HK since i was only there for about 3 days, and did a day trip in Macau. I fell in love with Macau's Portuguese-influenced culture and it was especially visible in their architecture. Macau is famous for not only being the only city in China that permits gambling, but it is famous for the Ruins of St. Paul's. After being burnt down by fire, the façade of the church remains. 

Hong Kong -- Women's Market & Victoria Harbour


See you in the next one.

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It's me. Long time no see. 

I know, I am terrible at being consistent with this site. Please forgive me. It has been a very crazy past few months. After my previous post, I was prepping for (close to) 3 months of traveling. I finished 8 weeks of traveling in Beijing, Xingning, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Australia, and Vancouver. I am finally back in Calgary, and the city welcomed me back with 16cm of snow. Thanks Mother Nature.

Beijing was surreal. I had learned so much more about my chinese heritage, and gained more to my self-identity. To have finally seen such great historical treasures like the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace was just beyond me. Ancient Chinese architecture is so fascinating. Every piece that is included in a building has been placed there for a reason. From the color schemes, the statues, the figurines, and the placement-- it is all well calculated and meticulous to tell a story or to make a statement.  I find it pretty difficult to clearly articulate the amount of emotions I felt just being inside and exploring everything. Hopefully, my pictures can do a much better job than I can. 

The Summer Palace

The Great Wall Of China

Tiananmen Square + Forbidden City

Temple of Heaven

Stay tune for the next photo diary from my travels.


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