I took a pretty long hiatus. I do really apologize for the wait. I had to focus on school and work. But I'm back! I think the hiatus was kinda needed... I needed to recharge and refuel my drive for my creative side. 

Like all my other collaborations, this one is important to me and for what I am trying to share with my audience. Brittney is a local Calgarian blogger via http://www.flopsylife.com

She and Isaac blog about local businesses, events, lifestyle topics, and  recipes (she's a fantastic chef, trust.) Definitely check it out when you can!

This time around, we are sharing a very personal side with Brittney on the subject of mental health. I feel like people don't talk enough about issues that involve mental health-- like there is stigma. I want to thank Brittney for reaching out to me, and sharing this side of her. I know that there are people who struggle with opening up about this topic. Thank you so much, Brittney. Your words and your time have been special to me. I really hope that this post can help you or someone you care about going through mental health concerns. Happy holidays, everyone. I'll be back soon. 

I love the theme of this project - take care always.

It resonates so strongly with my heart and soul. Recovering from anxiety and depression is not like recovering from an infection or the flu. It never entirely goes away. I have had to learn habits to manage and keep it under control. Those habits have become as integral and necessary to my day as my morning cup of coffee. I've found that accepting this is a lifelong battle has been the hardest part of getting better, and there are definitely times where I fall and slide back a little into that darkness. I know there are many who may be feeling something similar, so I want to share this message: be kind to yourself, be patient, and try to enjoy lifes little pleasures - especially that cup of coffee.

Essentially, try to take care always.

-@flopsylife or @brittneytataryn

Brittney and Isaac's blog just recently posted really important information on tips and what to do when someone you know is going through a suicidal situation. She even tells her story of how her life has been affected in detail via: http://www.flopsylife.com/2015/12/dealing-with-dark-thoughts-wanting-to.html#more

Please, I urge everyone to please read the post. Thank you again, Brittney.