I have this idea. Where, photography and writing, are united together to tell a story, explain a moment, describe a feeling, and leave people feeling not alone. This idea transformed into what I want to call:  take care always. Take Care Always, is about not only taking care of yourself, but taking care of others, always-- in all ways. With this project, I am collaborating with wonderful individuals who have something to say and also share this same idea.  A picture says a thousand words. Yes, but why not give those models, those people in the photos their own voice to say what they are feeling/have been feeling? I do not claim to be a professional photographer, but I am someone who wants to capture and share with others. 

This has been in the making for quite some time now, and I am now officially launching it. I plan on doing more with Take Care Always than photography and writing, so please stay tuned

I introduce to you, Charmane, and her beautiful written piece. 

the uneven payment

cold underneath my knees

bleeding from the struggle to stay put

the pain 


as tears begin to flow 

down and around 

the apples of my cheeks

erasing the carefully applied blush

that gave the illusion of the color in my life

once you left me. 

my lungs 

struggling for air between every sob that I couldn't hold back.

the words I try to put together

come out as cries--desperate from my broken heart;

yet, I'm caught in tug of war with my mind

telling me I need to just let go. 

I want to get up

I want to move

I want to run out to you

tell you that im sorry

but what an inequitable thing to do,

thing to say as I am begging for your mercy

when I know 

it wasn't my fault to begin with

By: Charmane D. (@chardizon)


This is just the beginning. I hope you'll be here to see and be a part of this journey. Thank you so much for your time.