Pemberton Music Festival 2015

As much as I love music, it's taken me so long to attend a musical festival. I finally attended my first music festival in July-- Pemberton. Pemberton is a small town that is about 2 hours away from Vancouver, in beautiful British Columbia. The line-up for this 4 day festival was insanely impressive. The line-up included nearly every genre of music that is out there today. They even had a comedy stage. In addition, the scenery surrounding the festival grounds was unbelievably fascinating.

It was approximately a 12 hour road trip from Calgary to Pemberton, and it wasn't awful. I was surrounded by good company, sharing great music with the aux cord, and the scenery along the entire way was gorgeous. 

Here are just some captures I managed to take of that entire weekend. These were all taken with my phone. I really wanted to bring my DSLR, but you needed a media pass to do that. At the time, this blog wasn't even created yet. Personally, it doesn't matter to me, what type of equipment you use to capture moments, as long as you know why you're capturing. 

En route to Pemberton...


You could've been on any other blog. But you're here with me. Thank you so much.