This is it. This is the first Take Care Always post after a huge hiatus from this project, and a huge "comeback" for me to continue pursuing my creative projects. I wasn't in the greatest state of mind, nor did I have the time to consistently shoot. I apologize. I did not forget you. I promise. I was just dealing with many things that I needed time to cope with. 

Thank you to those that reached out to check on me, and asked what happened to me and to Take Care Always. Your simple questions about my whereabouts meant more to me than you'll ever know. Thank you to my best friend for pushing me and never stopped believing in me. 

Special thank you to Amanda for also being the spark to ignite my creative side again. 

Amanda Okafor is not only one of my longest, and dearest friends that I've had, she is a young woman who truly has a beautiful mind. I envy her ability to express and articulate her feelings and ideas of the world. She's been featured in many spoken word showcases around town for a few years now, and with each performance, she kiiiiillls it. I've been so fortunate to watch her grow as a writer and a poet throughout the years. I remember our late night phone calls of exchanging ideas and just listening to her drafts. I'm so proud of everything she has accomplished. 

It's crazy how the universe works in mysterious ways. Amanda sent me her poem, and I hadn't really mentioned some of the things I've been feeling lately.. But somehow she knew which poem she wanted to share. This poem of hers has been one she's been working on for a while, and I know that there are people who will relate to this. Continue reading after the photo stack.

Remember when you were in such a rush to grow up...
Then days got longer, sleep got shorter
Deadlines for this, deadlines for that

The more money you make, the more they take
You’re awake, but not really awake
And in the wake of technology
There is no more room left for mental stimulation
Rather, you speed up the process of disintegration
Loading up the remaining spaces with
ANTI-social media...
And the world to design your expectations of life for you

You feel it…

The headaches
Can’t sleep
Your mind working overtime to make ends meet
Never satisfied with your successes
Preoccupied with your failures and the failures of others
And how others have failed you
But STOP!!!
Just stop, and take it back

Because even when you were in a rush to grow up
One thing you never forgot to do was breathe
Inhale life and wake your senses

Swallow the breeze of every season
Be the Queens and Kings of your own kingdom
Guard your domain, but hold the key of forgiveness
Even as you catch the cuts, bruises and scars that come with life
Swing through every moment of life with a smile
Taste your successes and blow kisses to your failures
Live like you once did, because it wasn’t in a different life time
So don’t be afraid to dream, and never be afraid to experience life.

Most importantly… Remember to live

-- Amanda Okafor, Remember to Live

Amanda also has her own blog (House of Yemaya) where she shares more of her poems and her heart. Please check it out, she's a brilliant writer and a brilliant soul.

Thank you for your continued patience, support, and love.

Take care always,